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So soft the flesh that wanes the mirror's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
So soft the flesh that wanes the mirror

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Haven't posted in awhile... [01 Oct 2002|09:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Well, hi. I haven't posted in a while, and it's not to say that I haven't had time. I mean, I've had plenty of time, but all the same. Yeah... Well, as everyone should know we (Danny, Armand, and I) are stayingin a hotel. This hotel is rather nice, though I do have a few complaints about it. For one, there's never anything good on the tv at night, and the help is rude. Some of the help though can be very nice, like that one maid who is about 25, she's a single mother of two, she's still trying to get a master's degree in hotel mangement. She really is a sweetheart, and her kids are angels, actually. They were great fun to hang out with for a while, and no, they don't know the truth, so no one even go there, please. And then there is the man who works the desk at around 8:30pm, he's supremely nice to me, though his being nice to me may have something to do with the fact that he's "crushing on me" as this one other lady said to me. But then there's the kid that does room service or something. Not only is he rude, but he breaks the law(not that many of us don't, but all the same). And he called me ugly, I don't think I'm ugly, am I? Well, yeah, anyway, here's what happened...

The Rude Help.Collapse )

Anyway, that's what happened. He's stalking Danny, doesn't know about Armand, calls me ugly, and breaks in when no one opens the door. What is that? And as you can probably tell, he isn't dead. I don't plan to kill him, he can be amusing to have around. Though, Danny or Armand you are both welcome to him seeing as he was looking for Danny, and didn't even know about Armand. It was fun to pretend that the books were actually fictional. I think, I'll go and buy Mark a set of them, and make sure that he reads them. Yeah....

Oh, incase anyone wonders/cares/whatnot my brother died. He had too much alcohol in his system, and then he took advil for a headache that he was getting. It was apparently too much for him. But hey, it's ok, because he's my brother, and I won't forget him. He'll always be in my heart and it was going to happen one day soon. His death, not that he'd always be in my heart. ::gives a moment of silence for his passing:: I do hope that anyone else that was in the house when it happened are ok. I'd feel honestly terrible if anyone was tramatized because of it. Well, I'm going to go now. That really nice maid is here, I don't think I've mentioned her name, it's Alexandra, Ally for short.

Adieu and love and things,

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Trip! [21 Sep 2002|02:01am]
[ mood | anxious ]


Leaving. Island. Soon.

Yeah, that's really discriptive. I'm going with Armand and Danny to San Francisco. It'll be amusing. ^__^ Must go, have things to do, before we leave, like pick a dress. Yeah.

Armand- We really should go to Texas.

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So finally, he stops. [13 Sep 2002|12:21pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Well, I don't know how I did it. But apparently, I've managed to get Matthew to knock off the drinking. He's being pertty good about it.

I don't know. But we went to the slum area of the island. It was amuzing, to see his face when I told him that he'd end up like them. ::smiles:: No more drinking for him. Though, it's fine now. He's a lovely great guy since I got him to stop last night. Though, he'll be dying shortly. And for some odd reason, I just don't care too much anymore. ::looks stunned:: I can't believe I just said I didn't care. I really need to do something.

hmmmm... I think I'm going to go feed and then I'm going to come back and then read a few books, try to get in contact with my aunt(s) and then go to sleep. Not do anything for the rest of the night. Boredom is conquering me lately, it's really sad. If anyone has suggestions on something to do, or anything, please let me know, ok? Thanks.

Um... I'm starting to sound like one of those lovely teenage mortals who is completely bored and out of their minds. ::pulls hair:: I'm going to go take Matthew to a dance club now. ^___^ That actually sounds fun and will keep me unbored for a few hours.(hopefully all night)

Love and stuff,

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Bored, so you all get random Hello's [12 Sep 2002|12:25pm]
Lestat- Hello. You now have my permission to torture my brother, just don't kill him.

Danny- ::kisses and hugs:: Come visit, if you have time. I need something to do.

Armand- Thank you again for all the help you've given me. We have yet to get Matthew into the kitchen for a sandwich.::smiles and hugs::

Going again. Taking Matthew out now, not to a bar.
Much love and stuff, bordem and things are conquering.
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As promised... or rather, as stated before. [12 Sep 2002|12:17pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Ok, well, on the commment that someone needs to whack my brother...
Stupid mortal sibling of mine, has been still drinking. He's not stupid, though it sounds mean of me to say it, but I wish he was. He went and found out how to trick the lady that was following him around. He's a little sneak. I swear. He went and got drunk, and into another rather large bar fight. ::screams:: This is not good. I want to help, but I don't know how. I'm really lost and confused, and really worried about him. Immortals are supposed to be more intelligent then mortals, are we not? What has happened to my mind lately?
Ugh! Maybe, I'll lock him in the room seriously. If I'm not with him, then he goes off, looses the help, and gets drunk. I can't be with him all the time, and it's aggravating me to no end. Apparently, I can't win in this situation, so I believe I'm just going to give up now, and be happy.

I can be happy with my life the way it is at the moment, can I not? I'm intelligent, and rich... I have friends near me, and my brother doesn't act like a shit head when I'm around... He'd seriously end up damaging himself if he were immortal, there's no way that he'd be able to stop drinking. ::rolls eyes:: I'm bored, and frustrated. So, I shall be going to find food now.

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hmm... [11 Sep 2002|09:14am]
[ mood | worried ]

Well, today has been interesting. Or rather tonight has been interesting. ((OOC-posting the day after cuz I had to get off the computer.I shall conquer and get on again tonight.))

First of all, I went to visit Claudia... That was interesting. Made some very...um... odd... discoveries. BTW, she's an exquisite painter. The paintings that were around the room were breath taking. I liked them all, or rather all the ones that I could see. ^__^

But the main reason for this post... my dumbass of a brother. I love him to death, but oh, please someone whack him. ::rolls eyes:: Ick, I'll explain later.
((bell rang.ick. english time.))

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I am away at the moment. [09 Sep 2002|09:54am]
[ mood | content ]

Hello everyone. Yes, I know that this isn't a commuinty post, but I figured that if I post this here, I'll have it for my own use later... or something like that. Anyway...

At the moment I am with my brother Matthew. Well, kind of at any rate. He's in the kitchen and I'm busy with my laptop in his living room. I didn't think that I was actually going to tell him the truth, apparently I did things I didn't expect though. I love him, and I missed him. So, last night, I left the villa and came to him. Amazing how some mortals are so ::can't think of the right word:: something. He told me that he never believed for one instant that I was dead. And truthfully, even though I dont' really like doing it, I read his mind, and he was telling the truth.

No one knows how happy that makes me. I missed him so much, and to finally see him and set things straight. ::smiles:: It's a great pleasure. And to think, if I hadn't taken the advice of Louis and Danny then I wouldn't have found him again. In a few short nights we shall be returning to Night Island. ::is very happy with brother at moment:: We'll spend some more time alone, not that we are doing much of anything, except catching up, and telling truths... but all the same. A break from the wonderful nights at Night Island will be fine. I'm bring Matthew back, incase anyone wonders... and what not.

Probably I wasn't supposed to, however... I did tell him the truth about myself. And suprisingly he didn't mind. He didn't flip out, and he did promise not to tell the world. But if for some reason this means he has to die... I'm sorry, but I can't kill him. Any of you may do it, if it absolutly must be done. But other then that, I'd like to keep him alive.

I must go now. We are going to the theater. ^___^
Talk to everyone later and such.

((OOC- Ick. I'm not supposed to use the computer... So I am using the one at the school. ::smiles and knows self is sneaky:: Oh-well... At any rate I'll be allowed on the computer "legally" at the end of the month. ::dances:: I have to go now, because time is running out, and I have to get to English. hmm.. ::hopes and prays for free time:: Talk to everyone later. Much love and friendship and stuff. ))

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Mortals in closets... [27 Aug 2002|10:09pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

Ok, might as well start with what happened last night. Before I show you the conversation that I had with Danny tonight. ^__^

Well, last night I amused myself by going out with a small group of mortals that I met in a book store. But actually, I was on-line for a while, but the computer was frustrating me, as well as my dearest chew toy and his maker. Though Armand didn't bother me too much; he just wouldn't explain how talking to Lestat was exciting (I was told to use my imagination ^___^) But, Danny, ugh. Goodness, he's great and all, and I like him and stuff, but ugh! He told me I was gorgeous last night, which isn't a problem... But he also told me I was a sadist. Well, hmph him. I told him that I wasn't and he went and told me that I was in denial (like Armand and Lestat) So what if I was, doesn't matter.

Hmmmm... anyway, I did hang out with those mortals. It was fun. ^___^ And I do believe this one guy was hitting on me. Ok, so I know that he was! And, ick, he was ugly and annoying,( And his annoying qualities are not qualities that turned me on.) He kept tying to kiss me or touch me or hug me, it was a lot of effort to keep him away. He ended up following me home, so I locked him up in my closet (Armand, hope you don't mind.) Actually, until about a half hour ago he was alive, but he was too annoying. It was ick. I killed him, after breaking his jaw for trying to kiss me, but you can read all about that in my convo with Danny.

Convo with Danny, that guy was in my closetCollapse )

Anyway, I have things I have to do. So, goodnight my friends and such.


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A night with mortals. [25 Aug 2002|06:17am]
[ mood | bored ]

Alright, well, I was tired of just sitting around the Villa, or anywhere for that matter. So, I decided to go out tonight. I went with some mortals to a bar, and sat with a beer in my hands, not drinking it, obviously. Then I invited them to come aboard the boat that I had rented. That proved to be interesting.... First we played board games, until most of them had passed out due to the amount of alcohol in their systems.

Board games, are interesting. Though, yes I did play them as a mortal, being immortal, I don't know. There's just something about them now, after a few games, they are no longer as much fun. And I suppose, that it was not to right of me to cheat at poker, during the 10th round. Though, we continued to play about 25 more rounds, I made sure that the money I won, while I "cheated" never ending up actually becoming mine. That would have been too cruel. But let's see, I did make $569 without "cheating" and I suppose that is a fair amount of money.
Then after poker, we played Monopoly. Ugh! That is a very pointless game. Never again, shall I play it. Not with mortals anyway... Perhaps once with immortal(s) to test if it is still as pointless, but never again, really. That game took a little over 2 hours. And, I lost. Though, that is not the reason to why I will never play again. If something is boring and pointless, then I will most likely decide that that was enough of that. One of my many cousins was like that... She decided that eating was boring and pointless, so she stopped, until she was hospitalized for it. Then she started to eat again, that was an interesting time.

Once everyone had passed out, I turned on the tv that was there, and watched some music videos. Surprisingly, one of Lestat's videos was on. I don't know why, since it has been years since any of that, but all the same, I sat there and watched it. Then grew very bored, so I went swimming, I suppose you could call it that. I came back to the island.( We weren't all that far out, and the swim was refreshing.) Armand, if you are reading this, I will pay for the boat if it is not returned. Sorry if it causes any innconvence, I just could not stand to be with them a second longer.
I sat in my room, here in Villa, for a hour or so reading. When I figured that I might as well see if anyone was on. Sure enough, Danny was on. ^___^ It was nice to talk to talk to him again, even though I just saw him last night. At any rate, the IM is in Danny's journal, incase anyone wants to read it.

I shall be going to bed now, it's getting light out.


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In one night, many things happen... [24 Aug 2002|03:59am]
[ mood | amused ]

Well, it's getting late, but I thought I just say a little something before I head off to bed.

Tonight, has been extremly interesting, first off, Lestat let me drink from him in an attempt to stop this hunger... And then we "ran" into Armand and Daniel. That was amusing on it's on. Though, it was sad because Armand and Lestat kept trying to traumitise my poor little chew toy. ::sigh:: Though, my chew toy wasn't too bright tonight, hiding behind me in an attempt to not be "attacked" even though I'm about two inches shorter then him. Ah, well, it was nice, Though, I still have yet to get my sandwich viewing from Armand, but that is ok, because of Nicki. I've read about Nicki in Lestat's books, and he was really, I don't know the word.. Just not normal, though that really isnt' the word. He showed up tonight, first time I met him. He's pretty, that I can say. But really I didn't talk to him. Just said hello really. Armand and Lestat did the talking while Danny and I sat and just watched. Then Lestat and Nicki left the room and went into what I assume is now Nicki's room for his stay here. It was cool.

Any rate, I'm tired... and it's almost day light. And tomorrow night, I believe I have a "date" of sorts with Danny, though I could be wrong on that.

Hmmm... It would really be nice if the rest of the coven would show up. I would like to see everyone again, and meet those that I haven't already. And perhaps after things settle a bit, I'll be able to meet Nicki.


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[21 Aug 2002|04:28pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Ok, well, lately things have been really...um.. shall I say, interesting. First off "people" that are normally all happy (or atleast happy-ish) are depressed and just not themselves really. And then, with myself, I've had this constant feeling of hunger. I've fed everynight for the last 7 nights or so, and not just once. Actually, the most I've fed in one night was 5, and that was Sunday night. Then the other nights were two or three, but all the same. I haven't fed that many times, ever. Ok, when I first made into a vampire, I fed perhaps 2 times a night for the first week or so... but now? I don't know what to do about it either, this never ending hunger. It's very annoying actually. (And Danny, this is not an annoyance that turns me on.)

Truthfully, I have yet to make any form of apperance at Night Island. I will soon though, perhaps tonight. But, the rest of Florida did interest me a bit. So I went to Orlando, and "played" around there for a while. While I was there I went to small cafe, and saw several mortals do a comedy act, that was amusing. Then I went to Boca Raton, nothing really to do there, it's just a small quaint town really. Some cafes, hotels, restraunts, and a theater. I played a small mind trick on this one teenage girl, to believe that I was her friend from school, and that I was actually only around 18. We hung out together for a while, and I stayed at her house, instead of wasting money on one of the crappy hotels. It was fun while it lasted, and because she was a nice girl,(her name was Rosaline, btw.) I spared her life. I know that's really not a basis on sparing her life, but she never did understand what I was, and she didn't seem like a threat to me, or anyone of us, which would be hard for her to be a threat to any of you, because of the simple fact that she doesn't know about you, other then through the books.

I should go, I'm hungry, again and it's sucks a lot. I don't enjoy being hungry as a vampire, the feeling is mutliplied by about a hundered. As a mortal hunger was a very bad feeling, but to have it increased that much... nah, I really don't enjoy it. Going to eat now.
<3 Jesse

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[17 Aug 2002|01:54am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Bon Soir!

How is everyone, and anyone that is reading this? Well, at any rate, I'm en route to Night Island at the moment. I haven't the slightest idea where Mael disappeared too, but oh-well, I can manage on my own. And if I have trouble, there's the internet, and the telepathic connections.. Not that I should have any trouble, being that I can "eat" anyone that bothers me. Though, any victims on this trip, will not be as wonderful as a chew toy ^__~

Lately, well, the last two days. I've been talking constantly to Danny. He's a great guy actually, even when he's high. And I feel kinda bad that some fools would be stupid enough to try and steal his underwear. Some mortals ::shakes head:: And to think, I was one of them, (a mortal) a few short years ago. Ok, so it's been about seventeen years now, but all the same. In a vampire's life, 17 years is not long at all. Anyway... Last night, Aunt Maharet called... Mael talked to her, but I couldn't pick up what they were saying, damn the "young" blood, and the fact that I can't "connect" with Maharet. Perhaps Mael's disapperance has something to do with the phone call... Oh-well, at any rate, I'm still on the plane.

I fed before I left, you'd think I wouldn't be hungry.. I would absolutly love to feed on the piolet, he looks wonderful, only problem is, if I feed on him, I shall crash this plane. Can't fly myself, or I would have already. ::sigh:: Planes should be made to move faster... Not that this is even a plane, it's a jet. It should move faster. I would love to go to another concert.. Haven't been to one in a few days. Not that, a few days is a long time to wait before going to a concert. But, I missed so many wonderful concerts while traveling. Though, we did go to that one concert in Japan... that was, amusing. There is one concert, in Ocean Grove NJ, at 8pm Saturday. And then on Wednesday Aida is playing in NY. Oh-well, at any rate, this "reunion" of sorts will prove to be worth missing the concerts. Besides... they'll play again. And this group, yes, we will get together again, but, every time we get together, something new and exciting almost always happens. And even with all that on the side, I have things to give to people... Like those rings to Armand, and the items Danny asked for to Danny (obviously) And... well, I think that's all. But still, it's two people. I should continue my trip to the Island... Why am I arguing with myself? hmmm.... ::ponders own question:: Well, I believe, I'm isane tonight. Oh-well though, perhaps it was the mortal I had...

I believe I'm going to read now... I seem to still be stuck in this blasted plane. With nothing else to do. Maybe I'll try to be productive and write an e-mail to someone... Or, I'll just be lazy me, and read.
Au Revior, Jesse

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[15 Aug 2002|09:39am]
[ mood | calm ]

Ok, well, hello. This journal, I shall attempt to keep. Though, how well this will prove to be, I shall have to see. I mean, it's not like I"m constantly home, ok, so it's like I'm almost never home. ::shrugs:: Oh-well, that's why laptops were created, for travelers like myself. Well, anyway, that's what I've been doing lately. I was traveling, until I got word that Lestat had been, well, in a coma type state in a cathedral. I was busy at the curent second that I found out, but, at my next available moment, I was headed towards the coven, really.

Actually, before that I was in Rangoon with Mael. That was, uh.. interesting. Yes, very interesting. We really didn't do much there, just rented out the rooms of this one hotel, and then went from room to room on opposite sides of the hotel, and called for room service. LOL, it was one of the funnier times of my life as a vampire. Actually, I believe it has been the most fun that I've had as a vampire. Anyway... When the room service would come, no one would be in the rooms, because we have moved onto another one to call down for room service. It was quite amusing. Not something I normally would have done, it was all Mael's idea. We did that three nights, during the week that we had to hotel booked... And during one of the nights, Aunt Maharet came to visit with her sister, Mekare. That was a fun night as well. We all hung around just talking about how it was when I would visit Aunt Maharet as a child, and Mekare would share stories about her trips in the wild were.. After that week we just more or less roamed the "European Nation Area." As the guy on the tour bus had said. That was loads of fun too. Actually, maybe being a vampire, isn't so bad. Not that I belived it to be so terrible before, however it didn't really seem to have as many perks.

But, speaking of fun things. On the 13th of August, I attended a Goo Goo Dolls concert. That was amusing. However, I must say, that it was no where near as fun and thrilling as the first,(and well, only) time that I went to see The Vampire Lestat in concert. Yes, speaking of that.... I must say, that was a very interesting happening. I did find a way onto the stage, and got to touch Lestat, and to confirm my theroy that he was actual a vampire. You know, working for the Talamsca was one of the better things I did with my life. Anyway.. yeah, That concert (The TVL one) I got thrown into a wall, by some freakish other vampire, who, I assume is dead now. That is how I died as a mortal more or less. See, I was in the hospital, and Aunt Maharet made me into a vampire after several small happenings, as are mentioned in Lestat's book, Queen Of The Damned, great book by the way, if you are reading this Lestat. It was seemingly weird to find out that your Aunt, is not human. Well, she was at one point, but she isn't any longer, and, well, everyone knows that. Yes, I must go for now, I have yet to feed. Actually, I haven't fed in a few days, and I am quite thirsty. I shall post again, at nightfall.
Adieu, <3 Jesse

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